About the Billing Conversion

Why is separate billing happening?

American Water, parent company of WV American Water, has implemented this change in all 19 states, in which it operates. Click here to see an example of the new billing.

How is the billing going to work?

You will receive two bills. Your water bill will be from the WV American Water, and your sewer bill will be from Huntington Sanitary Board.

What if I don’t pay my sewer bill?

If the sewer bill isn’t paid by the termination date, water service will be terminated and customers will be subject to pay additional charges of at least $100 for disconnect/reconnect fees and deposit requirements before water service is restored.

Where do we send out payments when we receive our bill?

Send a check by mail to the address listed on your bill.


Pay your bill in person to the following banks:

• City National Bank, Twentieth Street office, 1990 3rd Avenue, Huntington, WV 25703
• City National Bank, University office, 1751 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25703
• City National Bank. Pea Ridge office, 5263 US Route 60 East, Huntington, WV 25705

Do you have an automated system in place for credit card payments?

Yes, we do. Click here for information and a link to the online payment system.

Is ACH withdrawal or automatic payment withdrawal available?

We do currently offer ACH withdrawal. Customers need to come to our offices to fill out the application and provide a voided check and photo ID.

Do you know anything about my water bill?

If you have any questions about your water bill, please contact West Virginia American Water customer service center at 1-800-685-8660.

Click here to see a sample of the new bill.